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Novus LucidumWhich is better?7Scalesburg
Novus LucidumTo re affirm our condemnation as designated within the constitution.7Krimera
Novus LucidumShould we reboot the security council?13Gothic Vandelia
Novus LucidumWould you rather have a high IQ or photographic memory?13Scalesburg
Novus LucidumWhere should the winter Olympics be held?19Gothic Vandelia
Novus LucidumStance On Police17Odinburgh
Novus LucidumShould the region have a NL Regional Museum of International Nations Institution?8Odinburgh
Novus LucidumShould there be a Ministry of Communications?13Scalesburg
Novus LucidumWhich nation should host the (third) Novus Lucidum Olympics?15Scalesburg
Novus LucidumHow was your nation's name created?16Scalesburg
Novus LucidumWhat's the first thing you would do in the zombie apocalypse?12Scalesburg
Novus LucidumWhat will you do when the pandemic is over?7Odinburgh
Novus LucidumWhat is your favorite type of fastfood?11Gothic Vandelia
Novus LucidumIs Bigfoot real?11Scalesburg
Novus LucidumYou're stranded on an island! Don't panic!12Scalesburg
Novus LucidumWith no harm done to you, would you rather experience the beginning of the Earth or the end of the Earth?14Scalesburg
Novus LucidumWould you rather speak all languages or speak to all animals?9Scalesburg
Novus LucidumWhat is the best season? 12Scalesburg
Novus LucidumShould pineapple go on pizza?12Scalesburg
Novus LucidumClash of Nations Very Final Match: Gothic Vandelia vs Krimera15Odinburgh