by Max Barry

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Region: The Region That Has No Big Banks

I sort of fell into the trap of believing the Democrats had fully altruistic intentions at the sit in at the US house of Congress but, I started to reconsider after I took my feels glasses off (I am the pres at a campus GSA and we had a guest speaker candle light vigil coming up, happened yesterday.) I realized that this is
1.) Part of the platform and a thing that 90% of Americans want so that makes sense to protest the blocking of a bill
2.) This paints the US Republican party in a very negative light which made trump take a nosedive in the polls.
3.) PARTY UNITY AND LOYALTY. There is no way that at this time where the RNC (Republican Party) and DNC (Democratic party) are hemorrhaging at an alarming rate the RNC absolutely destroyed and the DNC to join it that the Democrats wouldn't do this. They had the chance after countless numbers of massacres to pass this legislation and every time Americans have said "enough is enough". It is staged and they know it will have no immediate effect besides rein in some of the disenfranchised and win them the election. It's a very intelligent strategy but if you are open to looking at things from their nuanced perspectives you will see right through it.
I'm open to debate. I just thought I'd put my opinion out there.