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Post by Sagacious Phoenix suppressed by Saganea.

Hello! We over at the WDR are hosting a tournament soon! Come check it out in our disbatch and see if it's something you'd be interested in participating in!

Hello all!

Whether you adhere to the left or the right or perhaps neither of the above, we invite you to join us in our tournament being hosted in the great Worldly Debate Region!

So grab your debating caps and a desire to win, then contact our Founder, Sagacious Phoenix!

We'll be setting up on the fourth Friday of August, aka !

Our prizes include choosing the next topic of debate, a power to be held for twenty four hours, and the winner of the tournament will receive a Government Position !

So, here's a rundown of how this will work!

Each participant will be placed, by name, into a poll. You will be telegramed the topic ten or so minutes before we announce the start of the debate. Respond to let us know you'll be joining, without a response you will be dismissed from that debate and may be disqualified from further debating for prizes.

We will then announce the debate topic on our RMB at which point our opponents may begin! Anyone may begin debating at this time, but only participants may win prizes!

After ten minutes, give or take, viewers of the debate may vote for the winner after which the poll will be closed. The one with the most votes will be considered the winner. The one with the least votes will be the loser and dropped out of the tournament from that point forward.

The winner will receive a ticket to choose a debate topic, any tickets they may gather can only be used once at a time and before the start of the debate.

(For example, you may change a debate topic after hearing it in the telegram, but after it's posted in the RMB it may not change until the next topic. Also, you can gather the ability to change a topic. If two winners holding tickets wish to change the topic, the one with the most unused tickets to change the topic wins the ability to change, but the one with less tickets loses all their tickets and the other loses as many tickets as the other plus one.)

The tournaments first place winner will receive a spot on the government, named as they desire, after running it by the Founder.
This position shall be held with the powers of suppression, embassy construction, and polls, until the next tournament at which point a new winner may try to take their place!

Second and third place receive one power, of their choosing (minus WA and executive), for twenty four hours. This is an ability that they can telegram for only once and will expire upon the next tournament.

Even if you don't want to win a prize, come join us in the fun! You can watch as our combatants battle it out in the war of wits!

Then vote for who won your heart over!

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