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Region: Philosophy 101

For short CTEs, it's unlikely raiders can do any lasting damage to a region, particularly a small, non-prestigious region like this. They can mess up our WFE, change our embassies, change our tags, and scrawl on the RMB (all of which these did), but they didn't have time to build up influence to set up a PW, eject members, and refound it as a trophy region. Large prominent regions sometimes have to content with multi-year strategies to insert as many WA raiders as possible, take over the WAD position, lower the PW, and invite the raiders in. Therefore, some of them have set up extensive security networks, like requiring one to be in a specific feeder region, prove one's loyalty and dependability, etc., before being admitted, and even then, some raiders inevitably get through. See Hell for a good example of this. Fortunately, as your Founder, I am not planning to go anywhere soon. The biggest threat to this region is not from raiders, but that RL will suck up all of my gaming time. That's kind of what happened previously. Thankfully, it was only temporary. Alas, NS used to be populated with a great many larger-than-life nations that made playing fun. A lot of those players eventually permanently CTEd because of RL issues.

The safest way to gain new members is to have RL (or at least LT NS) friends whom you invite to join your region. Alas, most prominent regions don't have that option.