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Region: Omniversal Giants Mark II

Multiversal venn-copard

I have begun to scratch the surface on the long and tedious process of a partial military factbook overhaul because I wrote these things up over two years ago when I couldn't actually put words together.

Shouldn't affect actual capabilities too much, with the exception of the following more notable changes. Consider this a retcon rather than an actual balance patch.

- Some point-defense weapons were buffed drastically. Shooting things down instead of letting your shields do the work sounded more like the VCMR line of thinking.
- Most weapons with exorbitantly long reload rates were given the qualifier "sustained" - meaning that the long reload rate was an average over a long period of time, and allowing for really obvious tactics like keeping more than one missile onboard a ship at a time, or overclocking a laser for a bit, or whatever.

The old fakebooks won't be seeing updates; instead, the plan is to give a more concise information block for ships as necessary.