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Region: End 500

Firestorm 99 wrote:Attention all Creators, two Geometric Holidays are approaching. Tomorrow, New Years Eve, is the day of The Dark Creator, a day to acknowledge, or celebrate depending on who you are, the end of all things. This will be a day of reflection and repentance to prepare for the coming of the end. Prepare your sacrifices for The Dark Creator. And on New Years Day we will celebrate the day of Luminance, a day to celebrate the birth of the Geometrix and to new beginnings. This will be a day of rejoicing and thanksgiving, but also as a day of resolution and great change. Make Luminance proud and aim to be the best Creators that you possibly can.

To celebrate the END of all things? This doesnt just sound like a holiday to acknowledge me and my coming wrath, this sounds like a holiday that celebrates END 500 itself. We are the end, arenít we? Thatís what our glorious region was named after, we are the end of all things! Letís chase this Luminance out of our country, and prepare your sacrifices to your lord and ruler The Dark Creator!