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The fallout frontier wrote:"Unfinished business?" Ivan chuckled. "Whatever floats yer boat. Just don't go expectin' us to go to extra lengths to finish said business on the mission. I sure as hell don't want to stay in the Mire longer than I need to be."

"There's a bar in the city. No doubt they serve all sorts of alcoholic beverages," Holmes added. "It's called the Bootlegger's Tavern, 'round the southernmost edge of the market circle. It's certainly not the most hospitable watering hole in Appalachia, but it serves good booze."

"We can give it a look while we're making preparations before leaving Morgantown," Ivan suggested.

"Insurance?" Holmes smirked. "I like your initiative, kid. You know your stuff." Holmes handed Lilith 150 caps. "This doesn't count the bonus may recieve for a job well done."

"So shall we get going?" Ivan gestured towards the door.

New decandsor ii wrote:Institutum


Marcy takes notice of Lilith admiring the Bowie knife from the counter, and reaches to her side instinctively. She stops though, remembering she had lost her combat knife a couple of years ago. Or was it a couple of decades? Regardless, it's gone and she's itching to get a new one. But that's a side concern. Her main concern is the job. And maybe learning more about her murky past while she's at it. She shudders at the thought of a settlement in the Mire. Who in there right mind would try to rebuild civilization there, of all places? Even the name creates an atmosphere of fear and mystery.

But none of that matters. She has a job to do, and she's going to do it. She stands up and grabs her Hunting Rifle, slinging it over her shoulder. She looks over at Ivan.

Marcy Josephine - "Of course. I need me a whiskey."

Morgantown Supply, Morgantown-
Lilith took the caps and carefully counted them. Find the payment to be sufficient, she pocketed the caps. She was about to say something and join the others at the local bar, but she stopped as she felt an old familiar twinge. There was something she had to do first. An old habit that would be best is no one was around to see it. She turned and began to walk away, calling to the others over her shoulder.

[Lilith] "I have business to settle before we go. I'll meet you at the tavern in thirty-minutes."

With that she leaves, walking through the muddy streets of Morgantown. The town was busy, with traders, residents, and raiders all walking the streets.

"Very noisy..." Lilith thought to himself.

Pushing through the maddening crowds, she soon found her self outside the town. Wandering through the woods she spots an old stump, slightly shorter then she is, of what was once a great tree. She kneels beside the stump, and runs her hand across the old bark. She reaches to the inside of her coat, where she had kept the object of her secret hidden. A knife. This wasn't no ordinary knife, as it's handle was made from the bones of a beast, and it's blade from a black metal. A wicked and cruel blade. She took the knife and began to carve in the tree. On the tree she carved a peculiar shape, of a creature that stood like a man but possessed wings, like an insect. Now her carving was done she needed something else. A live sacrifice to her dark idol. She looked around for any animal or even person. From the corner of her eye, she spotted something skittering around the tree near by. A squirrel. Or something that resembled a squirrel. Pink and mutated the rodent clung to the trunk of the tree, only a few feet away from where Lilith was. Slowly, to not alert the rodent, Lilith pulled out a throwing knife and raised it to throw the knife. Releasing her breath, she threw the knife and it hit the trunk with a resounding thump, but she had missed her target by a few centimeters and the little rodent had scurried away in fear. Lilith screamed in frustration at her own sh!tty aim. Her god demanding blood and she will give him it. Taking her wicked blade, she cut open the palm of her hand and pressed it into the carving. Her hot blooding smearing over the depiction. Putting the knife back into her coat, and pulling the throwing knife out of the tree, she made her way back to Morgantown and eventually to the bar. Her hand still bleeding.

New decandsor ii