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New decandsor ii wrote:BOOTLEGGER'S TAVERN

Marcy puts the old rag that Ivan had given her in one of her pockets. The smell of alcohol and drunks didn't bother her anymore. She takes a moment to look around the tavern, scouting out the drunks and other visitors for anyone that she might have some recognition of, some glimpse of her past. But seeing no one familiar, she turns back to the bartender.

Marcy Josephine - "I'll take a whiskey please."

She sets a few caps on the counter to pay for the drink.

"Whiskey coming right up. 12 caps please," the Bill-tender said as he reached under the counter for a room-temperature bottle of whiskey, and a concerningly cloudy glass.

Institutum wrote:Bootlegger’s Tavern, Morgantown-
After trudging through the town’s grounded streets for fifteen minutes, Lilith finally finds the tavern. Left hand still slick with blood she pushes open the door with her right. Once inside she scans the interior of the bar for her party, looking over the drinks and misfits that hang around such a place. Once she would’ve felt at home in hole like this with the low lifes, but that time was in the past. Now this place was alien to her. She found it almost repulsive and thought of leaving all together. But she agreed to meet her new found comrades here, and she is at least true to her word. Scaning the crowded bar, she look for the two, then she spotted the two sitting at the bar. She began to walk toward then when suddenly...

A broken nose and a bruised body were a common sight for the regulars of the downtrodden bar, but a young woman striding through the bar floor coolly with no concern of the blood pouring from her gashed hand and the dangerous environment surrounding her certainly raised a few eyebrows. Some - the less drunk and more perceptive - took notice of the scars on her body and her determined expression and resolved to avoided eye contact and continued with their activities. However, one less perceptive and far more inebriated drunkard saw the dangerous girl as endearing. "Hey," a man walked in front of Lilith's path with a slick expression - or at least the slickest a drunk could pull off. "What brought a pretty lady like you to this two-bit bar, eh? Care for me to buy you a drink?" Behind the man was the bar where Marcy and Ivan were ordering their drinks, but it seemed it would take much more than a plea for the swooning, drunken man to move aside and let Lilith pass to reconvene with her team.

Institutum and New decandsor ii