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Institutum wrote:Bootlegger's Tavern, Morgantown-

That was the one the word that came to Lilith's mind when this man dared to approach her. She was already angry and this heretic's foolish attempts at trying to seduce her with drinks was worsening her already foul mood. Although every bit of her wanted to drag this man back to the shrine she made in the wood and give her god a real sacrifice, but she refrained. There was far too many witnesses here and people would grow suspicious if they never saw that man again. She tried to contain her temper, and in a sweet but strained voice she would say,

"I'm sorry, but I don't partake in drinking. I'm actually here to meet up with my friends."

She hoped this explanation would suffice and make this cretin would go away and stop bothering her. But she knows his type, and she knows they're far too drunk and stupid to understand anything other then violence. She put one hand near her thigh, so if need be, she could pull out one of her daggers.

As the woman entered the bar coolly, many patrons looked over their shoulders in shock. Her name was Levi Iscariot. At least that was what the stitchings on her foxsona fursuit said.

"OwO!!!!1!!!111!!!!!111!!11! What's this?!?!?!?!" she exclaimed loudly as she saw the altercation between Lilith and the drunk man. "H-hewwo????" she approached the man.

"Who the hell are you?" the drunken man grumbled as he pushed the furry back, to which the lunatic woman responded in kind "dId YoU hEcKiN tOuCh Me?!?!?!?!?!?" She let out a loud screech that nearly deafened every patron of the bar, and within seconds, her fursuit's mane turned to a firey yellow.

"She's going Super Sayan!" one man cried amongst the crowd of awed patrons. Soon, her power rose to 9000, then to infinity, and like a nuclear bomb, she wiped Appalachia off of the map. The end.

The woman with brunette hair and anime protagonist neon green highlights, and a scar over one of her anime protagonist amber eyes (that made her look fierce and sexy UwU) entered the bar coolly. Many patrons looked over their shoulders with a sense of awe or confusion at the woman's rather unique appearance. Certainly, many new faces would enter the bar with the diversity that Morgantown regularly attracted, but this woman seemed different from most others, managing to appear both dangerous, wild, and charming just by the way strode into the watering hole. With every step she took, the revolver strung around her hip rattled in its metallic holster, and every so often, she would readjust her hood to retain the mystique and charm of her endearing persona. Her name was Levi Iscariot. At least that was what the red and black stitching on her leather jacket said.

Perhaps too full of herself, she (edgily) approached the drunken man that stood between Lilith and her companions. "Oy, leave her alone," she shouted at the man (edgily) with one firm hand clasped onto the drunken man's outstretched arm before it could reach Lilith's shoulder.

"The hell are you?" the man forcefully retracted his arm, pushing Iscariot back.

With a slight (edgy) smirk, she quickly retorted, "the girl who's going to kick yer ass." Within seconds, she swept the drunken man off of the floor with one well-placed kick. Another strike and he was rendered unconscious. She stared down at the now incapacitated man, poking him with the forepart of her boot. She considered whether or not she should pickpocket him now that she had the opportunity, but as she looked up to see the the entertained spectators waving their beers at amusement, and looking back down at the seemingly destitute drunken man, she thought it wasn't worth it. Shrugging off the encounter but not managing to wipe the cocky smirk off of her face, she nodded at Lilith saying, "Have a good one," before proceeding to her own business at furthest corner of bar.

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