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Massive March
I am on the ground in the Canal and we have correspondents in Veracruz. A massive demonstration planned by Citizens United and the Karthspiti-Mexican Alliance has started in both cities with significant backing from the various political fronts and groups. We can see a line of troops strung out and they appear to be armed with high powered assault rifles. The planners warned those present to not bring guns.

Workers are in the front lines of the demonstration with locals and students backing them. We are now getting word the protestors have rushed the soldiers in Veracruz.

Yes the demonstration has taken a turn as the crowd rushed the soldiers guarding the port. We have heard warning shots fired off but, no word on any casualties. People can be heard singing the call to arms anthem "A Las Barricadas!" or "To The Barricades!". The Mexican Marines stationed here have been told to stand down and only shoot unless civilians were shot at

*volley of warning shots*
Ok I think those were more warning shots. We heard rumblings of people wanting to be martyrs. The only group that has spoken against this is the National Socialist Workers Party, they advocate for a maintenance of the ATCO ownership of the canal. Miguel, have they rushed the troops?

I can hear them singing A Las Barricadas, I think they are gearing up to rush the troops.

Ok they are rushing towards the troops, they look frightened the troops. No sounds of warning shots yet. We're following them

*they rush past the overwhelmed soldiers*

We've made it into the canal zone. They are going to assemble in one of the office buildings where the occupation command is stationed. They will issue a list of grievances and then go to their work stations. Rosa, this is the start of more drama involving ATCO and the Mexican people.

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