by Max Barry

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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

11th of June, 2024 | London

Matthew Hacker leaned back on his couch, at his office, exhausted. It had just been a few weeks, since taking office as Prime Minister, at the ripe age of thirty. He had once been a businessman, a billionaire with little to no political experience. In truth, while he had ran this campaign as hard as he could. He hadn't actually expected to... Win.

"So, yes. The Libertarians are supporting my Prostitution Legalisation bill, almost fully. It's my party, so... As expected, I suppose." He said. "Labour party's split on the issue... Uh... The Tories oppose it."

"Are they not your coalition partners?" Asked the young woman, sitting by him. About five years younger than him, but still dressed in full royal regalia... Which she absolutely despised. Ugh.

The Prime Minister, in the Kingdom, was elected by the Lower House. Which in turn was elected by the people, through STV. It was the Tories, originally, the one minor party which had given Matthew enough votes. To have him appointed as Head of Government.

Mainly because they didn't want Labour in power, for another four years. So far, though, their support had been unreliable at best.

"Yes, Charlotte. But it's the conservatives, so... Yeah. Voting's today, on that issue. Indicative yesterday had my bill passing, by the thinnest of margins. So... We'll see." He said. "Between you and me, though. What's your opinion, on that?"

At that, the woman shrugged.

"A few weeks ago... Before that damn plane crash. I'd have said I agreed to your position, Matt." She said. "But... Well... Now that I am the Queen. It isn't a good idea to give any clear political views. Aside from the vague wishes that our Kingdom prospers, and so on. Now, would it?"

At that, Hacker frowned, but nodded.

"Right... Yeah... I forgot..."

A few weeks ago. There had been a plane crash, rather bad one. In the vehicle, was the King, the Queen-Consort, and Charlotte's eldest brother. The heir to the throne. Along with her other older sibling... All of them died, and Charlotte herself had been gravely injured, a near-death experience from which she had barely recovered from. So, now, at the age of 25. She was queen.

Which was a position that she very much had never actually wanted. Not in the slightest. Matthew's party, which was originally a publicity stunt, unexpectedly getting 48% of the seats and about the same amount of votes. Along with this. Had clearly put a strain, in both's already complicated and somewhat toxic relationship.

Now things were... Very awkward, between them. Neither knew what to do. Luckily, someone knocked.

"Prime Minister? Your Majesty? Mister Bond, is waiting for you." A voice was heard.

"We'll be there soon!" Called Hacker, standing up.

Ah, right! The meeting with the Minister of Defence! Phew.

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