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News from Komminland - July 2024
A Touch of Common Decency - Kommin Companies Pledge Aid in Panamanian Conflict Area

    The heated presence of insurgents from the Confederacy of Mexico has brought considerable damage to the Panama Canal Zone. Although ATCO guards have been staunchly defending the disputed zone, the Confederate insurgents have created a Mexican standoff with no end in sight. Because of this, a few big-name Kommin companies have set aside their business rivalries and banded together to give aid and address problems caused by the insurgency.

    Operating out of sites where some medical relief groups have already set up, Kommin companies are bolstering the ability for hospitals, volunteer schools, and food banks to provide for those in need. For example, North Star Agribusiness is bringing urban hydroponics to grow more food to distribute and Kommin Heavy Industries has contributed emergency housing materials for the homeless. In addition, these companies have been creating jobs even during times of conflict by employing those who were put out of work by the Confederate insurgency; construction workers and foremen are working to create and repair housing and doctors are being given sanitary work environments and reliable medical instruments thanks to Kommafin Biomedical. Even those in white-collar industries such as technology are being given jobs, as Dataworks has started moving some R&D to the Panama Canal zone to develop ways to quickly reclaim and build electrical infrastructure. Those currently employed are given on-the-job training for technology donated by the companies, training which is applicable in the international job market as well when the conflict is hoped to over.

    Although there are definite concerns that Kommin efforts for the common good are in jeopardy due to Confederate activity, the humanitarians assert that now is the best time to be a good Samaritan. According to a spokesperson with Kommafin, "Amidst the chaos and confusion, people need to know that their can be stability. We are making an oasis in the middle of this chaos, a place where people have the opportunity to live up to their potential, a place where generosity paves the way for hope."

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