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Kommin Aid
The Komminland government along with charity groups have set up aid centers, food banks and job training in the country despite the danger in the Canal Zone. Due to the last civil war and the standoff between civilians and ATCO forces, repair teams have been unable to fix damage done to the canal. Mexican organizations including the Red Cross, AMEXCID, Mercy Corps and the Traditional Catholic Church have stepped up to help. This is in light of the recent storming of the Canal and Veracruz ports. Thus far only minor injuries from beatings have been reported.

Healthcare On The Ballot
The Universal Healthcare law that was put into effect by the National Socialists has been put for a vote in the National Council. The Liberal Party, National Conservative Party and Green Conservative Party have all stated their wish to remove the bill. The Mutualist Union Party stated they would like to greatly reform it but, can also strike it down. The plans put forth on striking it down include a gradual transfer to private companies. The reform plan includes less spending and more freedom in picking providers. The Citizens United Party has proposed a middle ground with a scaling back based on the Mutualist model that would lead to a cooperative system rather than a private system.

Relic Found
Archeologists exploring a temple in the Yucatan near Mérida found what was first to be suspected as a funeral stele turns out to be a clay tablet used in religious rituals. The markings on the tablet are being deciphered. Upon inspection of the drawings inside the temple walls, an abundance of earth crosses and what looks to be a man, possibly a shaman, teaching to a congregation. Some have remarked that this resembles tales told by the tribal elders. The story goes that the tribe was visited by an angelic apparation that told the tribes about various rituals including a water purification ritual that mimics baptism. The tribe itself was conquered by the Mayans.

Komminland and Allyrije