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Healthcare Axed
Yesterday the Universal Healthcare bill introduced by the National Socialists was struck down and was replaced by the "Community Health" act where individuals with preexisting conditions will be allowed free or reduced health coverage through community programs. The same applies to individuals who claim to be unable to afford health insurance. Both parties will be allowed to pick their own providers. A transition period of three years will be allowed to fully transfer individuals to the reformed system. The excess money from the previous model will be divided between health investment and defense investment. The Ascoobian press refered to this as "anarchism" and "a disgrace". Minister of Health Hector Guevara stated

"Prior to the National Socialist takeover we had a similar system in place where healthcare was patient friendly. Coverage by the federal government was previously only meant for government workers. Under the previous regime I was the head surgeon at St. Anthony Hospital and the conditions were poor. People had to wait months for a simple procedure and would often go North for better quality care. If you went to St.Anthony's you would have been appalled. I am a bit shocked that our northern neighbors would say such things considering the medical tourism. I personally refered people to Ascoobian doctors illegally because they would get the help they needed from their doctors."

Clearing Things Up
The Ascoobian media stated that Mexican troops were attacked by demonstrators when they went back to work. The truth is that the troops were stationed behind the protesters and had orders to protect the demonstrators in case ATCO shot any of them.

Ascoobis Placing Troops
More from our northern neighbor, Ascoobis has stated they will place troops along the border. Governor General Torrijos fired back
"If I may propose something to you. Please do not tell me how to tell the citizens how they can demonstrate against your presence in their country. You are lucky weapons,aside from yours,were banned in the protest"
More troops will be placed on standby in case of an emergency but, no further troops will be placed on the border. Minister of Defense Daniel Sandino stated

"If we place more we become the bad guys. With them you can't win once they twist your words. Get that down Ascoobis. Rest assured we do have plans in place in case things go bad notably the activation of the militias.As have had a on increase in military funding plus an increase in weapons manufacturing or as they call it 'Threatening our peace'. I would like to see this negotiated first but, we will be ready if things go wrong."

Gun Sales Peak
Sales in private firearm sales have peaked at approximately 120.5 guns per 100 civilians. The most popular guns sold this year were rifles followed by handguns and shotguns. The Republics with the most guns are Mexica, Panama and Belize with about 90 guns per 1,000 residents. This comes with reinstating private firearm ownership after they were controlled in the late 90s and banned under the previous regime

Space Program
The Mexican Space Agency has been developing a probe to better explore Jupiter's moon Titan. The probe, Strella 1 or Star 1 will be launched from the Kinich Ahau Center in Veracruz. There has been talk of possible cooperation with the Luna 2030 project.