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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations


July 2024
Directorate for Foreign Affairs Calls Ascoobian Government "Paranoid"

    A press release by the Ascoobian Government in reaction to the relaxation of Kommin immigration law has led the Directorate for Foreign Affairs to respond, stating that the Ascoobian Government is "being paranoid." The immigration reform, passed in November of last year, led to a significant increase in immigration from other countries. Notable among the demographics of new immigration were immigrants from the Karthspire, from which there had been no immigration in the year just before immigration reform. The Kommin office for immigration has attributed this to the wave of emigration that the Karthspire had been experiencing, with migrant destinations including Ephyra and Confederate Mexico.

    This month, the press release from the Ascoobian Government warning the United Territories about potential spies against ATCO has been noted by the National Directorate. In response, the Directorate has stated that "There are many considerations to make when inviting someone to be your neighbor, but sometimes it is possible to be too paranoid. Whoever is spying on us can play I Spy in the lava fields, which are particularly beautiful this time of year. We thank the Ascoobian government for their concern and assure them that we are already taking security seriously."

September 2024
Can't Take Abandoned Coast Guard Property, Court Rules

    A salvage title for an abandoned Coast Guard armored personnel carrier found by a Datagrir resident last year was debated in the national-level court and finally concluded on the 14th. Initially a salvage title was claimed for the aging husk of an APC with the municipal government, but the matter was referred to the National Directorate when the S2 claimed that it remains their property by nature. The court's final decision is that although S2 property was left in an abandoned state, it does remain S2 property and therefore is not eligible for a salvage title by finders.

October 2024
Kommin Aid Groups in Panama form Oasis Foundation

    The Kommin companies which started aid and relief programs in Panama recently formalized the Oasis Foundation, whose goal is not only to provide short-term rebuilding and medical attention, but to create self-sustaining neighborhoods even during the Confederate Mexican insurgency. The sites the companies were operating from before the formation of the Oasis Foundation have been consolidated into neighborhoods, or Oases. These Oases are equipped with generators, hydroponics, and field hospitals, with additional facilities constructed as the Oasis expands. Each Oasis holds a weekly meeting where neighbors gather to eat together and to discuss future plans for their Oasis. This lets Kommin organizations providing aid to synergize with the locals by sharing experiences, geographical knowledge, and reducing inefficiency in rebuilding the area.

    Additional Oases are planned for construction in locations of need where existing Oases can support them. An understanding of the geography of the Panama Canal zone and the new developments from Panamanians hired by Kommin companies for Oasis R&D have greatly streamlined relief efforts. Damage to buildings is being repaired, temporary structures are being built, and measures are being taken to ensure safety from insurgent violence. The success of current Oases has prompted the Kommin government to establish a liaison in Oasis 1, where the most developed relief centers are located.

    "We are doing what ATCO and Confederate Mexico can't," says a resident at Oasis 1, "People want to work and to know that they are working towards a future for themselves and their neighbors. In the Oasis, we are making a difference together. Locals are in touch with those providing aid, and locals have jobs running the very things needed to sustain their neighborhood. We're looking out for each other."

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