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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

2024 - NOVEMBER - 13


    In a controversial move in response to declared shortage of labourers, the United Territories of Komminland opened its borders to large numbers of Karthspiri migrants in the hope of achieving a rise in employment numbers. Though the rise of said numbers has been acknowledged, there are voices who warn against the consequences of a large and sudden shift of a foreign population into a small country, particularly when that population is of a vastly different cultural background.

    Though Komminland claims, and sensibly so, that the migrants are largely skilled and educated, this is no guarantee of their ability to integrate. The government of Ascoobis in particular has voiced concern over the influx of a foreign population from what is considered a hostile power, and the placing of such migrants into positions of economic power.

    With no official statement given, Ephyra merely points to its own structures of integrating foreign and conquered populations. The Freehold too has been the destination of some Karthspiri migration, who if approved are placed into the metic class with the ability to earn further rights and privileges with demonstrated loyalty and commitment to the Freehold, its Selian culture, and acknowledgement of the Ephyral order.


    With no end in sight to the resolution of the disputes over Panama, troops have yet again been mobilised as Ascoobian forces are to be deployed to the border following claims that citizens of Mexico attacked the multinational and primarily ATCO forces policing the Panama Canal Zone, resulting in said forces firing into the crowd to dispel the protesters.

    This account is contested by the Mexican authorities, who instead claim that Mexican troops were positioned in the area to prevent ATCO and allied forces from shooting them. With the Panama crisis involving nations all over the world, with the exception of the Freehold, vastly different and competing interests seem to have deadlocked any negotiation.


    Following a long and sensitive investigation of the murder of Arashmi Malhári, a young Karthspiri actress who was on holiday in northern Selia, the Criminal Research and Investigation Office (the national organisation supervising all police activity on a provincial and local level) has made public the names of three men charged. Six suspects had been arrested in all, however three have been released and all charges dropped as CRIO, which has been administering the case given the high-profile nature of the killing and the delicate situation following a revenge murder in Karthspire, decided there was no evidence for prosecution.

    Kalymedon Arullios Maenareon (24), Aevagon Fadilios Baeliar (22), and Jaenekar Novinios Qohreos (22), have all been formally charged with multiple offences against Arashmi Malhári. All three are facing murder charges of the highest tier, theft of personal property, and with Maenareon and Baeliar facing additional charges of rape with Qohreos facing a charge of being an accomplice to rape.

    No announcement has been made for the commencing of a trial, as CRIO has made a public statement declaring "Through the tireless work of our offices and inspectors, we have made reasonable deduction as to who the killers of Karthspiri actress Arashmi Malhári are. The trial has however been delayed, as the sensitive nature of this case in particular has resulted in a retaliatory killing of a young Ephyral woman named Alyrhis Iziria Tarlarys. This seventeen year old was separated from her parents whilst on holiday, finding herself identified as Ephyral by her features and clothing, and was subsequently subject to a vicious assault by a mob which left her dead, dismembered, and flayed. This utterly barbaric killing has demanded the attention of our foreign branch, and we are yet to hear any word from our Karthspiri counterparts on the pursuit of this most outrageous act."

    Indeed, the killing of Alyrhis Iziria Tarlarys sparked considerable outrage in the Freehold as to how an Ephyral citizen could be subject to such treatment, and many have demanded action from the government in response. Public opinion towards Karthspire notably dropped following these cases, in a situation perhaps made more tense by the arrival of Karthspiri migrants as metics. The body of Tarlarys was, after Karthspiri investigations on the body were complete, returned with her family to Ephyra for proper funeral services and cremation.

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