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Josephine lynn potter

Stone Circle Aviators wrote:I don't like horror movies, i don't mind action tv or movies. GoT is one of my favs and i have no trouble falling asleep after.

Unfortunately I think that it is just a matter of time before movie theatres and drive-ins will be obsolete due to smartphone streaming.
Just like in Sweden they are turning to a cashless society, all transactions are done by an app on your phone.
This puts an undeserved pressure for seniors to purchase a smart phone (which some can not afford) and learn a new technology.

We love GoT too, lets hope Cersei will not win the war!

On the smartphone issue; There are a lot of cheap (but not bad) smartphones on the market, even people in Africa, the Middle East or in South America can afford them.
I don't think a Swedish retiree would have any problem purchasing one :D