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Metropolitan israel

Aerilia wrote:Oh

It's the best spot because it's far away from everyone, and it's nice

Just created my Armed Forces factbook what ya think? 🤔

The Israeli Defence Forces

by Metropolitan israel

Flag of The Israeli Defence Force

Founded: 1948

Service Branches

* Israeli Army
* Israeli Air Force
* Israeli Navy


Empress: Rachel Avigayil Lahrheim

Prime Minister: Mikel Levitansky

Secretary of State for Defence: Yonatan Schonfeld (M)


Military Age: 17

Conscription: 18

Available for military service:
1,554,186 males, age 17–49
1,514,063 females, age 17–49

Fit for military Service:
1,499,998 males, age 17–49
1,392,319 females, age 17–49

Reaching military age annually:
60,000 males
60,000 females

Active personnel: 169,500, including 102,500 conscripts

Reserve personnel: 465,000


Domestic Suppliers

* Israel Aerospace Industries
* Israel Military Industries
* Israel Weapon Industries
* Elbit Systems
* Elisra
* Elta
* Rafael
* Israel Shipyards

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