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The batavia colony

Dietsland Times
21st of November 1949
Riots in the Dutch East Indies
In the city of Batavia, the capital of the Dutch east indies violence erupted once the local Landwacht clashed with the Indonesian nationalists. The leader of the Indonesians, Sukarno held a speech at the town hall of Batavia. It was reported that the Indonesians threw rocks at the Landwacht in the area. The Landwacht and the Indonesians clashed in the streets. There were reports of lootings of European and Chinese stores. The violence was ended once the police jumped in and they arrested a few dozen of Indonesians. Several Landwacht militia men were wounded. The number of Indonesian wounded is still unknown. The governor of the Dutch East Indies said on the radio that the Dutch population in Batavia has nothing to worry about and that the riot was stopped.

Ascoobis, Nordamy, and Karthspirije