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Tibet News
1 December 1949

Lama Arrives In Pontus
Lama Yonggdzin Rinpoche arrived in Pontus earlier today to meet with the king, Vatharion IX Raengyreon, prime Minister Serion Velaelor. The Lama was warmly received by the delegation at the airport and was escorted under security to the meeting place. The leaders are expected to discuss Tibetan sovereignty as well as the recent Mandate of Heaven by China regarding Tibet.

Military Deployed
The Kalsang and the Central Administration unanimously agreed to place troops on high alert especially the stations along the border with China. The borders will remain open under increased security. A diplomatic team is also being assembled to meet with Chinese delegates. HH The 14th Dalai Lama adressed the nation

"We have voted to deploy the army and militias in the bordering areas near China as a means of defense. The troops have been ordered to not shoot unless shot at. We still hope to discuss this without having to resort to violence."

Bodhi Day Celebrations
Today Tibet celebrated the enlightenment Shakyamuni Buddha and is an Auspicious Day in Yungdrung Bön. Tibetans gathered in regional temples to offer prayers to Shakyamuni Buddha and Buddha Tonpa Sherab. People were encouraged to do meritorious deeds and dedicate them to all sentient beings. One such deed was carried out by high school students in Thimphu. Students distributed free food and blankets to impoverished people. In Lhasa, the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama and the Kyabje Gyalwa visited the temple of Chenrézik and gave a talk on peace.

Ascoobis, Karthspirije, and Amaseia