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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Reconstruction plans approved
The first meeting of the National Council, led by Arteron Terai, today proved to be a productive one. The main item on the agenda was, of course, the reconstruction of Karthspire as well as its future development trajectory. The minutes of the Council's meetings listed three main priorities for the nation aside from reconstruction itself: the creation of a world-class education system to turn Karthspire into an academic powerhouse, greater urbanisation aiming for 50% within 10 years and securing the nation's energy supply. Of course, major education reform has already occurred; passed through direct order by Terai in November last year. However, the Council's plans to achieve the latter two goals are yet to be published.

Dawn raids in Ezranair
Following the presence of a resurgent KNLA in the country's west, demonstrated through horrific and barbaric attacks conducted on our German friends last November, the nation's newly formed Internal Security Agency, the NJF or National Justicar Force, has been taking preventative measures against KNLA cells in Urban areas. In the most recent raids, conducted in the western city of Ezranair, NJF forces raided three properties suspected of harbouring KNLA cells; making 35 arrests and confiscating sizeable caches of equipment intended to harm the functions of our state and the security of our people. A happy populace is a safe populace - for that, we have the NJF and Terai's strong leadership to thank.


Exterior Bulletins

Elections in Ephyra
The Ephyral State, long known as one of the world's last bastions of slavery, is shortly due for elections. Such an event is marked by the Ephyral, naturally, with great pride; a system developed and supposedly perfected in their homeland. However, one only needs to look at the state of Government in Ephyra to understand the shortcomings of their democratic system. This is, of course, a nation which, until very recently, had been in long decline; a nation which only, truly, managed to push back an enemy we now have in common, the Russians, through the transfer of unprecedented power to their Archon. Masses of power in one place, of course, are somewhat contradictory to the idea of democracy.

The hypocrisy of the Ephyral state is, to us Karthspiri, easy to see. A state which parades itself internationally as the motherland of democracy; a system which led to decades of indecisiveness in its motherland and a system which had to be abandoned in all but name to save their nation during the great war. We Karthspiri must ask ourselves: what is the use of a political system if it cannot keep us safe and prosperous in both peace and war?