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January 15, 1950


Nuclear Weapons Outlawed
The Central Administration voted to outlaw the development of nuclear weapons in Tibet in light of the recent fiery end to the American war with Japan. Uranium will continue to be mined and will be used for research and energy development in the country. The sale of uranium to other nations will be monitored to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. The bill was unanimously passed.


Elections In Ephyral
National Elections have started in the country of Ephyral. The state is considered to be one of the last nations to have slavery legal. The elections have generated controversy in other countries seeing this as blatant hypocrisy. The position of the government is that slavery is an abomination against human dignity. With the outlawing of civilian slavery in Tibet in 1945, the government has taken a stance that it should be condemned. No statement was issued by the Lamas and the Kalsang.

Karthspirije Raids
The government of Karthspirije, a territory of Germany, conducted raids against the KNLA. The stament by the government is that it will lead to a happy and safe populace. His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama stated

"It appears that this nation is in a spiral with tensions on the rise. I do not condone the actions of both sides and hope for a peaceful solution to their problems."

The Central Administration will further review the situation and pass judgment on whether trade should continue or cease until things settle.