by Max Barry

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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

The Empire Report -
January 1950

A New Plan
Regino Mary Shepherd submits her new 4 year plan in her second session of Trankvilan politics after her handoff from her mother, former Regino Alice Shepherd may she rest in peace. The Trankvilanian 4 year plan calls for more domestic output and an increase in taxes following the great war in readying for the next great conflict of the world replacing the stockpiles with newer weapons. Also in the 4 year plan the nuclear program which has started gaining ground with 2 nuclear reactors being constructed to serve the capital and more expected to open soon.

Eyphra Elections
Elections in Ephyra have started, with the current government posed to win, the Regino has been rumored to be waiting to send congratulations to the winner of the elections.
Papen Plan
Following the announcement of a rebuilding plan named the "Papen Plan" by the German government, a plan to give Papiermarks to recovering puppet nations of the German homeland and weapons, the plan has been met with high hopes of rebuilding the world to be more stable than the last from the Imperial government

Nordamy, The Land of the Ephyral, and Karthspirije