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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Healing our wounds
Two weeks after the first meeting of the National Council, the objectives decided on have begun to be realised across the nation. In cities from Ezranair in the west to Karanair in the east, the streets are filled with construction workers and the air reverberates with the sound of progress. Many cities, however, are not being simply rebuilt but being reshaped to lead Karthspire into a new age. One sees this most in the city centre of our capital; Elinhir. The goal of increased urbanisation and the lack of housing for those already living in cities has pushed up rental prices in all cities massively; forcing many families onto the streets or into the arms of the Church. Whilst the latter is not necessarily a bad thing, Arteron Terai has personally delivered a declaration to use part of the funds from the Papen Plan to support residential reconstruction and urbanisation to deal with the problem.

As a result of this declaration, the state apparatus has begun to move; selling contracts to private companies to construct huge blocks of apartments in major cities. These new forms of housing, nicknamed "Tertchovas", are tall buildings consisting of two and three bedroom apartments constructed out of bricks or pre-fabricated concrete slabs. The use of domestic suppliers for materials has also created a secondary effect in the jobs market; allowing small Karthspiri firms to expand and create new jobs - pushing our limited industrial base forward with the state and business working hand-in-hand.

On track for growth
Karthspire has long been noted by academics for its poor infrastructure and the negative effect it has had on the nation's industrial base but this situation is, rather rapidly, developing into something positive. With fresh funds from the German Government for reconstruction flowing in and the new development plan published by the National Council, workers have been filling cities and the countryside; the howl of angle grinders and pounding of hammers echoing through the nation as beams of steel are laid from end to end of the country - binding us together from the Carpathians to Azov.

These new railroads are not only connecting major cities but also laying the way for new towns and settlements. With almost 70% of the population living in rural areas and many of the country's natural resources being completely untapped, the new railroads will allow the easy transfer of populations to useful areas to construct new mining towns and cities. Through these new railways, Karthspire has set itself on the track for growth.

Exterior Bulletins

Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache
Membership of the Reichspakt has brought many a benefit to Karthspire but other nations also seem to be prospering thanks to our German friends. Although Karthspire has, for many centuries now, possessed a German-speaking minority and, recently, introduced German as a mandatory second language in schools, the German language seems to have taken off in the Northern Baltic state of the United Baltic Duchy; being heard spoken more and more over native languages in everyday life.

Russian Collaborator to meet maker
The 'Butcher of Sebastopolis' has been sentenced to death in a Pontic court for his collaboration with occupying Russian forces and brutality towards Allied PoWs. Whilst we may have fought against the Pontic nation during the war, as part of another nation, we can still empathise with the horrors they suffered at the hands of the Russians. Many a Karthspiri village was torched to the ground by retreating Russian forces and occupying Ephyral forces were none the kinder. As a result of this, we ought to not only offer our sympathies to those who suffered at the hands of the Russians during the Great War but ought to work together to bring all war criminals to justice.

With this notion in mind, many a sermon is being planned by the Church to address the horrors of the war and to preserve the memory for future generations. Plans for a memorial flame in Odessa, statues of war heroes in military cities as well as the petitioning of Ephyral officials by the Orthodox Church in Ephyra in an attempt to release Karthspiri civilians forcefully transferred to Ephyral lands as well as the extradition of suspected war criminals for trial are, reportedly, already underway.