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Tibet News
March 6, 1950


Communist Rally
Students and members of the Communist Party held a rally at the Potala Palace Square. Young communists distributed Marxist pamphlets and sang The Internationale. A group of counter protesters from the Tibet Improvement Party and the People's Party assembled and started singing the national anthem to drown the communists out. Police were on the scene to ensure peace. One police officer was punched by a communist, who was arrested and charged with assault of law enforcement. The Marxist literature was not seized by police as no ban exists on literature. Interviews of passersby showed a general anti communist stance.

"These people should spend more time in the classroom and less in the streets in a,fruitless protest. Marxism is an obstruction to Buddhist teachings with worship of the state and theft."
Mrs. Rinponche, professor of history at Royal University

"Young people have no respect! Look at them all out here with their Marxist trash. I'll tell you that young punk(in reference to the assault) should spend hard time in jail!"

Nuclear Energy: The Future
The Energy Development Board issued a report concerning the use of nuclear energy. The report stated that the country should be 50% nuclear power by the 1970s and 100% not long afterwards. Nuclear power would be handled by private companies with regulation oversight and a starting government fund of 30% with a gradual reduction to 15% as the industry further develops. The possibility of foreign investment was discussed and is welcome to help get the industry started. Uranium mining will be regulated in accordance with the Pure Lands Act that controls mining of the country and bans mining in grazing lands, nomadic land s and parks.

Lamas Arrive In The Americas
Lama Jetsun Lotsawa and his team have arrived in the country of Ascoobis early this morning at 4am Pacific Time. The Lamas are expected to meet with the president and give a press conference on the relationship between the two countries.

New Year
Tibetans celebrated the Lunar New Year with fireworks, offerings, divination and feasting. This year is the year of the Tiger. This year the Tiger is represented by the element of metal. Individuals under Tiger have the qualities of: loyalty, strength, courage, enthusiasm, generosity, idealism, dynamism, self-confidence. The Kalsang held a large parade in Lhasha where a paper Tiger was paraded to the Potala Palace and was blessed by the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lana and the Kyabje Gyalwa. This year there was an increase in foreign tourism mostly from the West.

Crisis in Batvia
The Dutch East Indies have been in a state of chaos with the uprisings of Indonesian nationals in the country. His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama stated that both sides should work out their issues peacefully in order to avoid unnecessary violence.

Taishi Delek!
Happy New Year!