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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Metal Horses of the future
As new concrete towers replace bombed out houses in cities across the nation, so to do we see more and more cars on the freshly paved roads in the cities of our nation. The smell and sounds of horses, which have dominated the lands of our people for a millennium, are being, slowly but surely, replaced by the gleam of metal in the spring sunlight, the rumbling of engines and the smell of fresh petrol as more and more Cerman imports find their way into our nation's ports and onto our streets.

A concrete plan
Just as more and more cars are appearing on our streets, so do ever more factories spring up in our cities. The latest of such is the Direnni & Sons Concrete Plant located in the southern city of Tseránair. In an interview, local reporters conducted with the proud owner of the factory, the fresh-faced, innovative entrepreneur Konstantijn Direnni, he accredited his ability to set up such a factory to the Government's reconstruction policies; creating massive demand for construction materials through contracting private companies for reconstruction. When asked about the viability of the plant, especially when compared to the German Industrial base, Mr Direnni replied, "Although the Germans do a good job, we can do it cheaper at home and just as well! It's cheaper to live here in Karthspire so we can afford to pay our workers less, we don't need to transport our products or materials over vast distances as we have distribution centres in several major cities and source all our supplies locally and the weak value of our currency means its cheaper for companies to buy from local firms like us than to import from places like Germany!"

Edict 353
Following a slew of slanderous graffiti on the walls of some eastern cities, Arteron Terai, last night after extensive consultation with financial advisor Herr Goldberg, decreed that the use of puns, especially related to uses of displaying Government members of policies in a negative light, was to be outlawed. Although this won't apply to everyday jokes and those reporting on Government policy in a neutral or positive light, it will still come into force as of midnight tonight.

Exterior Bulletins

Nuclear energy; a real blast or a decaying trend?
The small Himalayan nation of Tibet announced two weeks ago its intention to begin moving forward with plans concerning the use of atomic fission for the purpose of energy creation. Such a method of generating power has only, so far, been possible on a minutely small scale with the reactors barely producing enough power to be able to return to the grid the electricity required to cool them let alone produce a surplus. However, the Tibetan Government seeks to press on regardless. Only time will tell us the success of this endeavour and whether or not such new and exciting methods of powering homes will catch on closer to home...