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Tibet News

May 17, 1950


Elections To Start
The political parties have declared their candidacy for the Central Administration, local governments and the Kalsang representatives. The parties that have declared candidates are:

Tibet Improvement Party
Tibet People's Party
Labour Party

The three declared parties have started campaigns across the country in hopes to gain votes. The party platforms are diverse and have the interest of the nation at their heart.

Tibet News To Become Televised
In a move to push the country forward, Tibet News will start to make the transition into television broadcasting. Already the country has a nation wide newspaper and has radio broadcast in the major cities.

Path on Everest found
A path from the south of Mt. Everest was discovered yesterday by climbers from India. The path seems to present an alternative route up the high mountain and a possible way to the top, a feat that has not been accomplished. Climbing teams from around the world have taken a new interest and have started submitting visas as the mountain is in the territory of Tibet. Teams from Switzerland, China and even as far away as the UK and the Americas are already looking into this feat.