by Max Barry

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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

The Empire Report

The Reĝino's Parliament
Shortly after a visit to a suburban town near the capital of Trankvileco, the Reĝino announced her plans to establish a "Queen's Parliament", a government body dedicated to the Reĝino in simple domestic matters to reduce the workload of the Reĝino in which we all care for, and to allow us to play a part in the nation we all inhabit, elections will begin in 4 weeks and many former outlawed political parties have sprung up in an attempt to form the new government. We shall cover the parties running as they are officially sanctioned by the Reĝino to run.

Nuclear Ambitions
As the nation inches closer to it's first nuclear reactor to power the capital of Trankvileco, her sister in the East to power Solaris continues ahead of schedule. The local prince was on site to watch the construction earlier this week and celebrated the efforts on the nation to reach a new tech age