by Max Barry

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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

1950 - JULY - 05


    The citizens of the Senate and Freeborn Landholders of Ephyra have over the past few weeks, cast their votes for the candidates to succeed Anomedes Gorgosios Lenaleos Asalinos as Archon, and ahead of the 324th Ephyralia, they have been counted to determine whom the Archon shall pass the torch to following the Classicalist revival of his term. It was by no means a matter of simplicity for the citizens of our nation. The Great War still burns fresh in our memories, but so does the aversion of destruction achieved under the Archon Asalinos, who has brought back to the fore the Classicalist ideals and values laid out by the founder of our nation over three centuries ago.

    The votes however were cast all the same, and with Asalinos stepping down, it is Rhaemyrion Laetorios Taenitheos whom the citizens of Ephyra wish to see inherit the new burdens and prestige of the office of Archonship. Taenitheos, an ally of Asalinos during his term, was believed by many citizens to be the obvious choice during polls, although rival candidates Baelion Kaelidios Aereris and Maelaryon Helios Dalgyreon did not fall too far behind.

    Taenitheos is to swear the oath of Archonship before the Senate and then the people on the Ephyralia, being bestowed with legal power and authority by the Senate on behalf of the people to lead the Freehold for a term of ten years.

Nordamy, Karthspirije, and Amaseia