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Deutsche Reichsbahn reaches out to Eastern Reichspakt members for connected train networks - June 25th, 1950 (Deutsche Zeitung)

With the Papen Plan in full effect and the quick integration of Eastern European members within the confines of the Reichspakt, the German industry has taken quick notice to the lands open to them in the still fairly war torn regions of the East. The major forerunner of the German rail companies, Deutsche Reichsbahn, have taken up the reins of their industrial sector and have begun to quickly branch out into the East towards the cities of Vilnius, Minsk, Elinhir, and Riga to help make the flow of resources between the East and West far easier. This also improves the logistical situation between the satellites and the Reich, allowing for the transport of equipment of any kind from the heartland to the East to be incredibly swift and easy, although the process of constructing the railways will take some time, but it does open up the Eastern economies to focus on different forms of reconstruction.

Reichspakt to hold joint military exercises between the Kaiserreich and other member states - June 25th, 1950 (Deutsche Zeitung)

German Panzers and BF-109's go East as the Kaiser prepares a series of military exercises with each of the nations of the East including but not limited to Lithuania, the United Baltic Duchy, White Ruthenia, Karthspire, and Poland. The idea is obvious, as it will help prepare the Reichspakt as whole against any form of invasion from the Eastern Russian horde, although whatever the exercises are exactly is unknown to any except for the governments of the Reichspakt to know. To those in the Reich and her holdings though if you're quick you can spot Tiger II's and Panzer IV's travelling by railway to the East, to be sent off from the farthest stations to be used in wargames with the armies of the East.


In other news...


  • Papen Plan proves to so far already be a resounding success, German officials intrigued to see how much farther it will go.


  • Nuclear power quickly becomes all the craze across Europe lately.


  • Ephyran elections end with Rhaemyrion Laetorios Taenitheos ascending to power.


  • Tibetan Buddhist monks to journey to Western countries.


  • Ephyral man shocked when confronted in German hotel about sibling relations.

"Careful with that granat Einfeld."
*Einfeld pushes the grenade off the counter*
*Last panel is both Jon and Einfeld comically scorched*