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Constitutional Convention Resolved

After much debate, an overhaul of the Constitution has been ratified by the Gold House and was signed by Prime Minister Black. The new document is said to reflect modern Ascoobian values and priorities following the most destructive war the world had seen in living memory. Among these includes an expansion of the Bill of Rights, including a universal right to education and healthcare.

"In an age where it is ultimately the productivity of one's people that the very existence of the nation depends on, we free Ascoobians have taken the first steps to assure our people's prosperity in the Atomic Age. It is the Ascoobian State's duty to meaningfully unburden its citizens so that they, unimpeded, may reach their greatest potential productivity. As such, this revision of our constitution makes us a much freer society. It not only provides freedom to exercise one's rights but freedom from injustices not of their doing. We have faith that a freer, healthier, universally educated, and better-represented people is but one step to a thriving and dominant Ascoobis in the future."

- Prime Minister Black

Delegation Sent

This afternoon a diplomatic mission was sent on its way to the remote nation of Tibet following the graceful visit of Tibetan Lamas eight months ago. One cannot help but be surprised by this unlikely friendship between our two radically different and far-flung nations. Ascoobis, being a continent away, has been an unlikely but valued supporter of Tibet's ancient struggle to maintain independence since the opening of relations upon Ascoobis' very own independence in 1922. Goes to show that allies can be found anywhere, provided that one is willing to look.

Radioactive Power is All The Buzz

Following the global trend, the Department of Energy and Industrial Strategies has announced an ambitious 10-Year plan to transition the nation's energy grid to drawing its electricity from nuclear reactors rather than traditional Coal-Powered Plants. This decision comes after months of public demonstrations to adopt a viable alternative to coal due to the health effects on those exposed to its fumes and of the miners that extract it. Experts from our commonwealth brother of Cerma have been recruited to smoothen the transition. This move has been publically attacked by Senator Mckinley of Washinton's state of Pennsylvania; one of a few Washintonian states whose economy revolves around coal mining. Combined with the recent actions of the Tibet and other governments, this is predicted to be the beginnings of a crisis for the coal industry unseen since the Great Depression.

Hoarding Helium

Because of its physical properties, Helium has long been used for lighter-than-air transports. However, since this common element in the universe is relatively rare on Earth, Ascoobis' scientific community has long petitioned for a national reserve. These calls have grown stronger as potential uses as multiplied in recent decades. Buckling under pressure, the Department of Strategic Scientific Research has announced that it will consult with the international scientific community on how best to prepare a site for Helium storage.

ATCO Conference Goes Atomic

In an address to the ATCO Assembly yesterday, Presiden Callahan of Cerma stressed the need for ATCO to embrace the realities of a world with nuclear technology. Both the limitless possibilities that this new form of energy generation could bring and the grim and necessary power of Atomic Bombs. Callahan also emphasized the need for increased cooperation between the ATCO members to maintain an edge.

While Ascoobis' representatives more or less agree with the President's sentiments, they were more than alarmed that Cerma had been testing their bombs upsettingly close to Ascoobis. They propose that the ATCO set up a new underground facility purposefully made to isolate and contain any future nuclear tests, as not to risk radioactive fallout from affecting innocent civilians. However, Ascoobis itself has not yet pledged to maintain a nuclear arsenal.

In Other News

  • Germany sends obsolete wartime surplus equipment to be used for wargames in the East. Likely trying to keep any new developments from the prying eyes of their Versailian rivals.

  • Rhaemyrion Laetorios Taenitheos is elected as the next Archon of Ephyra. As an ally of the previous Archon, it is predicted that Taenitheos will approve of and continue with the reactionary policies of his predecessor.