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Sep 15, 1950


Ascoobis Diplomats Arrive
The diplomatic team from Ascoobis arrived early yesterday morning after the Tibetan team proposed further meetings 8 months ago. The relationship between the nations has been strong ever since the nation recognized Ascoobian independence in 1922. The two nations are pioneering nuclear energy as a means of replacing coal use. The delegates are set to meet His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama later today and tour the nation. Topics on the agenda include:

Nuclear Energy
Establishment of Embassies
Business and Trade
Easier Travel Between Nations

We will provide coverage live as it happens.

Gun Laws Loosened
The topic of gun laws was discussed and decided on by the Central Administration. The new laws(called the Gun Bill) reduces the bureaucratic red tape around purchasing a gun with only a background check and a 3 day training program for all new gun owners. The waiting period to purchase ammunition was struck down and waiting period for a open carry license was reduced from 1 week to 3 days. Also discussed was automatic guns being legal for civilians provided they go through a 1 day training program.


ATCO Goes Nuclear
President Callahan of Cerma emphasized the need for the ATCO alliance to push into the nuclear age. It is feared that this may possibly involve nuclear weapons. The government of Tibet hopes that the nuclear energy be used for peace rather than bombs.

Ascoobis and Karthspirije