by Max Barry

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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

1950 - OCTOBER - 15


    Citizens of the Senate and Freeborn Landholders of Ephyra, I salute and thank you for conferring upon me your trust and solidarity in succeeding Anomedes Gorgosios Lenaleos Asalinos in the position of Archon. In the past ten years, he and his government rejuvenated faith. Faith in our identity. Faith in our families. Faith in each other. Faith in Ephyra. Even of the gods we took more notice, for even those of us who have lost belief in entities far greater than us have come together with the believers to recognise the importance these deities of ours represent. Honour, valour, truthfulness, and frugality are but four of many values we hold dear to our hearts.

    We were purged of our immoralities and sins. The corruption of provincial governors and the self-serving interests of easily-bought so-called elites were amputated from our society with effectiveness. With the rekindling of a sense of honour came a healthy sense of shame and regret for misdeeds done, and an urge to better ourselves and our reputations in the eyes of our peers, all of us striving to be the best we can for ourselves, our families, and our community.

    All this and more was achieved whilst our brave men fought yet again against the Russian hordes, who brought their might to try and rob us of life and pride. Asalinos lost two sons to this conflict. I lost my firstborn. There is barely a family of our nation who do not mourn and honour the sacrifice of a warrior who gave his life for them. We fought alongside our allies in Germany and Pontus, we endured the assaults, and we pushed back. The easterners were driven from our homes and soil and we reaped great reward and plunder from the barbarians of the Karthspiri steppe.

    We went into war a nation on the brink of destruction and left it a power to be feared. Not only was the foreign enemy repulsed but the domestic foe cut out. Our provincial allies and subjects who sided with the invaders, or took the opportunity to break their treaties with us were cast down. Turn-cloaks and traitorous soldiers who dishonoured everything they had fought for were hanged, and whores who took to bed with the enemy were sold just as they had tried to sell us.

    I tell you this to bring to mind just how much was achieved in a decade, and the burden and responsibility you have placed on me, envisioning me as a worthy successor to such a great man, the first truly great man to lead us in many years. It is my aim and wish to continue the work of my predecessor as you have elected me to do; to protect our citizens from harm, and to ensure our interests as a people and nation are fulfilled, to protect our way of life and our heritage from those who attack and demonise us from afar.

    To those leaders abroad who have applauded our democratic process and the will of our people, I give my gratitude. Ephyra desires peace and prosperity with its neighbours both near and far and I shall act on this desire accordingly. To those nations who resent or oppose us, I give warning. Our desire for peace is an extension of a desire to survive and to thrive. If this cannot be achieved through peace, let the last decade be a stark reminder that we are willing and able to achieve this through conflict. The brave men and virtuous women of our Freehold shall surrender no ground and no dignity to those who would impose their will on us. This is a new dawn for our people. The eagle shall soar as it once did, proud and noble, and all will marvel at the sight of true civilisation.

    For the Senate and Freeborn Landholders of Ephyra.