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December 9, 1950


Communist March
A group of Communists from Barkam University marched on city hall and raised the Communist flag. The group calls itself The National Liberation Front(NLF) . The group is composed of students, workers and peasants. It is believed that the group receives significant funding from overseas, one is the labour union, the Industrial Workers of the World(IWW) aka Wobblies. Some banners of the IWW were spotted along with the flag of the NLF. Some members were armed with rifles. So far no violence as federal police have descended on the scene. The Mayor has barricaded himself in his office as the militia has attempted to force itself in the office to deliver its demands.

*a gun shot rings out*
We hear gun shots from city hall. We don't know if this was a warning shot or if someone was killed. Again this is happening live and details are very scarce right now. Ok we can see police officers running to the entrance, rifles loaded. It looks like a shootout may start at any minute.

*the police chief shouts at a terrorist on the balcony*

The police chief ordered them to surrender or be taken with force. I am being ushered away by a police officer. This will continue as soon as I am in a safer place and have more details.


General Hobbs Creates Worry
General James Hobbs of the Washington Air Force issued a statement regarding the use of nuclear technology for weapons. The general stated:

"To leave those war-winners in the past is nothing but foolish. Any enemies we encounter in the future must know that an attack against our great nation will be met with the entire arsenal of freedom!"

The Kalsang issued a statement regarding General Hobbs.

"General Hobbs' statement is very dangerous and sounds war hungry. We maintain our stance on using nuclear technology for peace and we encourage all nations to not go down the path of creating death and destruction."

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama said he hopes General Hobbs would come to the realization of what he is getting himself into. The Venerable Panchen Lama and Kybaje Gyalwa have backed the Dalai Lama up by saying they hope no nation creates nuclear weapons in the pursuit of ending wars with unnecessary violence.