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Civil Defense Bureau Expands in Wake of Tibetan Troubles and Atomic Bombs - Fri 15 Dec 1950

    The Civil Defense Bureau was alarmed by the escalation to armed conflict in the Tibetan communist demonstration last Saturday, and announced "Even during peacetime, after we all sighed in relief at the end of the Great War, we must remember: we cannot always know our enemy. Terrorists may lurk, or a hidden enemy may surprise us with a nuclear bomb. And yet, as Sun Tsu said, if we know ourselves, we will lose one battle and win another. One life saved is one life gained." The press release was accompanied with expansions to the Civil Tunnel System and the distribution of safety materials updated for the atomic era.

    The expansions to the Civil Tunnel System are being integrated with current projects across Namjyut. Fallout shelters are being installed along parts of the highways, the underground tunnels of Onnam are being reinforced, and the rollout of underground metros in cities are being designed with civil defense in mind. Civil Defense projects that, if successful, the underground systems of Namjyut will be able to sustain millions of citizens long enough to outlast fallout, terrorist attack, and natural disaster.

    The recent growth of TV has also sparked interest in developing an emergency bulletin system over the TV network. Civil Defense is working with the Broadcasting Bureau for this purpose. "Peace is no excuse for carelessness," says Civil Defense spokesman Ng Ap Lei, "we're building a safer, smarter Namjyut."

Following new legislation in Namjyut, gas masks and emergency rations are popular Christmas presents.

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