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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations


Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Construction begins on the Lithmaijárr
Although the great war is now behind us and Karthspire stands free in the world, the threat from the East to her sovereignty, and to the safety of all Europe, remains as firm and terrifying as ever. The enemy in the East casts a long shadow, one which always blots out the Karthspiri sun first. Recognising this threat, the Government has put into action plans to construct an 'impenetrable' defensive line along the nation's eastern border; referring to this line as the Lithmaijárr in Karthspiri and the Ostmauer in German. The course of this line, however, runs through several, predominantly Russian, villages in the country's east with these villagers having been relocated to the newly emerging industrial centres in those areas of the country.

Independence day marches in Elinhir
With the first anniversary of our nation's independence came a grand show of national pride and strength in our nation's capital. Thousands lined the newly paved streets of the capital, flying the national flag proudly and filling the streets of Elinhir with cheers of celebration. The procession included the first public display of Karthspiri varients of German Tiger I Tanks, supplied as part of the Papen Plan, as well as the first participation of Karthspiri Hussars in any military parade; nowadays the horses are, of course, just for show. The march ended with a moment's silence in remembrance of all those who have sacrificed for the Karthspiri nation and people followed by a speech by Arteron Terai addressing his vision for Karthspire; wanting to heal the wounds of the past but stressing that real forgiveness would not be granted to the nation's former enemies without justice for atrocities committed on Karthspiri soil.

Power for every home
Following independence day celebrations in Elinhir, a plan has been publicised by the Government to increase electricity availability from 30% to 70% of Karthspiri homes within the next 9 years with a focus on ensuring the stability and around the clock avaliability of that power supply. In doing so, the Government has outlined the importance of investment into new energy forms such as nuclear fission as well as the construction of several hydroelectric dams on the Allyr river. Funding has already been allocated for the construction of a nuclear facility in the Crimea as well as one in Moldavia and preliminary daming along the Allyr, just north of Elinhir, has already begun in earnest.

KNLA reign of terror
With the threat of the KNLA seeming to never rest, the National Army has been locked in fierce clashes with the KNLA in the Carpathian Mountains. Clashes began after several raids resulted in the destruction of German and Karthspiri supplies heading to forward operating bases in the region. Citizens in the far western provinces have been advised to remain indoors at all times and marshall law has already been declared in three provinces as the Army seeks to not only put down the existing insurgency but prevent the activation of new cells.

Other news:
-Discussions ongoing about implementation of conscription
-Karthspiri GDP grew by 8% in the period 1950-1951
-Ban on Russian language in schools expected to come into force next week
-NJF granted new powers in response to KNLA

Exterior bulletins

Red rising in Tibet
With dangerous ideas permeating every part of the world, some nations will always fall victim to them. Such has been seen in Tibet where communist revolutionaries have marched on Kunming Town Hall with some reports claiming them to be armed and, like all communists, dangerous. For Tibet, we can only hope for a swift end to this insurgency.