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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

The Empire Report

The Bombing of Trankvileco
Early this morning, an explosion was reported inside the seat of power of the nation, la Kastelo de la Lupo. It Is reported that the royal family is unharmed as the explosion missed the residence hall, however it is reported that the entire Cabinet was in the Castle at the time. The death toll of the explosion has totalled 4. The Reĝino Is expected to give a speech to the nation with more information at the Trankvilan Parliament building tonight.

Bank Holiday Declared!
The Reĝino today declared a bank holiday, stopping all economic activity. The stock market, foreign investment firms, and other local economic actions have been ordered halted


The Navy on the Move
Trankvilan Naval forces have made their move, the Kolonia Protekto-Floto has been moved towards the colonial waters meanwhile the Orienta and Okcidenta Fleet have been moved towards the straight of Dova, minor fleets have moved towards the major ports of Trankvila and its coast.

Nordamy and Karthspirije