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March 4, 1951


Communists Form State
After the events in Kunming the Communists have become more bold. The National Liberation Front, a Communist Militia, has declared a breakaway state in the Yun Nan prefecture of the Kham State. The state calls itself the Tibetan Socialist Workers Republic. The Tibetan Communist Party has since relocated to Yun Nan and declared their allegiance. Yesterday the Kalsang dispatched the Federal Police to the border to arrest any member that attempts to return to Tibet.

The military will be dispatched to the area with a list of demands that include dissolving the breakaway state and handing over all members of the Communist Party to be tried for Treason. Tensions are already high in the border towns where the civilian militias have been placed on high alert.

All roads leading into the Amodo state have been blocked off and the train line leading into Amodo has been suspended until further notice.


Bombing in Trankvileco
A bomb was detonated in the capital of Trankvileco, killing 4. The residence of the royal family was undamaged however there was damage done to the castle where government officials were.

Indonesia Revolution
Revolution has broken out in the Indonesian colonies. Already militias have seized Sumatra and Java. The situation is grim as many properties are reported to have been damaged or seized.