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Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Sunday dissident movement
In our faithful and traditional land, Sunday, the one day off guaranteed to all and a day of worship in all Christian nations, is traditionally a day of calm, a day of reflection and a day of worship. Unfortunately for our nation, on the Sunday just past there was little peace and calm in the capital. The Church bells rang out in every district of Elinhir; filling the streets with their holy chorus. Into the Churches the usual sunday worshippers went with the cold Karthspiri morning air nipping at their skin. But after just half an hour, congregations across the city began to leave their churches as the bells rang out once again.

Congregations marched through the streets under the cover of Karthspiri flags; singing hymns and war songs solemly as onlookers gazed upon the streets. The main boulevards of the Capital were filled with the songs of worshippers marching in long columns led by priests and clergymen still dressed for their services.

The lines of worshippers from each and every church in the capital converged at St. Arja's Square in the centre of the city; waiting for them, stood at the base of the great statue which guards the square's cathedral, was the Patriarch of Elinhir - the highest-ranking member of the Orthodox clergy inside Karthspire. As worshippers gathered in the square, the Patriarch began to speak to the crowds; raising his voice so all could hear. The patriarch delivered a traditional sermon but, before dismissing the congregation, delivered another; attacking the state of Karthspire.

"When we became free from the Russians, we all hoped, deep down in our hearts, that we would create a new nation; founded on freedom and justice. Instead, the old order the Russians left has been replaced by a state which abuses its own people." He went on with the speech for another hour before the crowds dispursed and went back to their usual business. Although such public incitement is not usually tolerated due to the threat it poses to the security of all of us, the clergy appears to be taking advantage of an old law forbidding the arrest or punishment of a holy man or woman for anything said as part of a sermon.

Situation in the West worsenes
Although the conflict in our nation's west has long troubled us, a new fight is just beginning. The creation of a new movement in the Beshklarel state has diverted the attention of the army from the insurgent KNLI and forced it to fight on two fronts. The frontul național românesc (FNR) are a group based in the part of Karthspire once known as the Principality of Moldavia; the population of which are more ethnically and culturally aligned with neighbouring Romania. The first actions of the group were seen in the city of Descariln (Chisinau) when, during a visit by the state premier to a local hospital, several shots rang out from a nearby rooftop; injuring two nurses but leaving the state premier unscathed. With the backing of the nation, our brave armed forces will put down this, and all, insurrection and return order to our nation once again.

Other News
- Odessa to be renamed to Teranair in honour of Arteron Terai
- Flame of remembrance lit for first time in a rebuilt Teranair
- Patriarch of Elinhir hints at possible split between the Karthspiri and Russian Orthodox Churches

Exterior Bulletins

- Indonesia in civil war
- Bombings in Trankvila whilst their fleet is away
- Communists form state in Tibet; a worrying trend?