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Message from the Regino
Excerpt from Last Night's Speech
I can now confirm that the explosion early morning yesterday was a cowardly move by a joint effort of two terrorist organizations, the Sons of Spain and the the Free State Alliance of Africa. I can also sadly confirm that in the fireball, most of my cabinet save for my Foreign Diplomatic Minister who was with me at the time was killed. Along with them, 8 of my own guardsmen, and senior staff enjoying their breakfast or going about their duties before starting their day. My words cannot begin to show the losses the Empire has a whole has suffered, but let it be assured, that those who perpetrated the crimes shall be punished harshly for this. For now, Trankvila is now in a state of emergency and I want to convey the message to the groups that you will not escape the wrath not of the crown, but the families, friends, and the Empire who lost such great souls today. I wish you all a good night, may you rest safely. And for those who died, may you rest in peace.