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April 8, 1950


The situation in Luding has become violent. Communist guerrillas have engaged federal troops just outside the prefecture limits. We have word that 5 soldiers and 3 police officers were killed in action as they moved back. The troops were given permission to engage the guerrillas. Local journalists have reported that the guerillas used stolen artillery from a local outpost. Locals say the guerrillas massacred the ten police officers guarding the outpost yesterday.

We are getting word that backup soldiers are being rallied from nearby outposts and will be transported in via airplane. They have orders to capture the province and put an end to the uprising. The Kashag has asked for foreign help if the situation worsens.

The borders with neighboring countries have been temporarily closed for 24 hours in order to prevent escape for the Communists. The borders will reopen tomorrow under alternative hours and under increased security.