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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

The Empire Report


Shops Reopen
After a crackdown, the some local shops and stores have opened to the public in an attempt to ease the fear in Trankvila. The police have been set up in all major consumer areas


Terrorists Flee
Trankvila has called out the nations of Germany, the Frank-Italian Union, Ephyra, and Karthspirije to arrest all members of the terrorist groups responsible for carrying out the attack against the capital of the Empire days prior. They are suspected of having fled to other European nation's borders for protection against prosecution by the Trankvilan Empire.

Unrest in Tibet
In a sudden outbreak of violence, the communists of Tibet have attacked police officers, causing the current violence in which have left 5 soldiers and 3 officers dead. Borders remain closed until a schedule set to be put in place

A new insurgent movement in Karthspirije
It is reported the army is now in a two front war against the KNLI and the FNR. Now the nation is not only gripped by violence over government but over territory that the people thinks belongs to another. As a result of FNR group acts, 2 nurses were injured in a shooting during a visit by the state premier