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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

1951 - JUNE - 18


    A top-priority search for individuals suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack against the empire of Trankvila, responsible for killing the majority of the Trankvilan cabinet, began across the Freehold several weeks ago, and can now be finally announced.

    It is currently unknown how the several suspects arrived in Ephyra, but collaboration between Trankvilan and Ephyral intelligence has produced a list of names and faces for authorities to hunt down. We are now authorised to display these images publicly. If these individuals are spotted, contact local law enforcement immediately.


    Violence has erupted in Yun Nan, in the Tibetan Empire, as communist elements open fire against federal personnel, with eighteen suspected casualties and more predicted to follow. The government of Tibet has responded to the so-called 'uprising' by flying in more troops to quash the insurgents, whilst borders with neighbouring countries were termporarily closed. The SFLE has issued an amber travel warning, warning against all but the most necessary travel to Tibet and Yun Nan in particular.


    Also in the far east, fighting has been taking place in the city of Batavia, the capital city of the Dutch East Indies. Indonesian militias have been engaging with Dutch forces in the city, aiming to take it before Dutch reinforcements can arrive. No other information is currently available apart from the public declaration that Dutch forces have been dispatched to destroy the militias in Sumatra.


    In an amusing circumstance, the Chief Commissar of Karthspire, Arteron Terai, has authorised the re-naming of the western Karthspiri city of Odessa to Teranair in his own honour. A spokesman for the Sphere of Foreign Relations has called the move "an attempt to forget history by aggrandising the defeated".

    The comments refer of course to the Odessa Offensive launched by the SFLE in late 1943 and into 1944, as Ephyral forces with their German allies in the north successfully mounted their first major offensive into enemy territory in the course of war. Odessa was designated the strategic goal of the offensive, to be used as a staging for further activity across the local steppe. Successfully taken by the 3rd Phalanx after several months of fighting, Odessa was given to the soldiers of the 3rd Phalanx as hard-won spoils of war.

    For Ephyra, the taking of Odessa was a morale boost, as the eagle was raised above it and thousands of its people marked for import to the Freehold proper. During the fall of the city, Ephyral soldiers humiliated Karthspire and its people in every fashion. For many, it is no surprise therefore that the Karthspiri government may wish to hide its shameful defeat by re-naming the greatest example of it. However, tens of thousands of Karthspiri reside in Ephyra now as a living and breathing testament to a glorious Ephyral victory.