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June 25, 1951


Communists Bomb Temple
In a move to remove all Cultural Buddhist influences, the terrorists fire bombed the Temple of Sherab Chamma in Kangding City, Garze Prefecture, Kham State during the morning chanting services. Casualties are numerous and a full report is not available. The Communists have claimed responsibility. The Library has been saved.

Ice Melt Reveals Texts
A small ice sheet melted at the foot of Everest. Two locals ventured into the cave and found ancient texts that upon investigation show to be from around the first wave of Buddhist monks to visit Tibet. The texts were translated in the Zhang Zhung language and were written in Pali. One text is believed to have come from Ephyral as the languages match up. The manuscripts are being further examined at the Potala Palace by a team of scholars and monks.


Terrorist Hunt
The search for bombing suspects in Ephyral has intensified with the suspects believed to have arrived in the country. Tibet has remained vigilant for suspects that may have fled to Tibet and has offered help to Ephyral investigators in hunting the suspects.