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Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Dissidence spreads across the land
Following several months of protest each and every Sunday in the Capital city, worshippers across the country joined protesters in Elinhir who take to the streets weekly in opposition to what they describe as heavy-handed Government action but, which, most of us know as necessary to keep each and every Karthspiri soul safe. Crowds were reported marching through Teranair in the far-west and Kharkiv in the far-east with members of all faiths being reported as having attended the protests; led as sermons by the Karthspiri orthodox church. In eastern cities, many were reportedly members of the nomadic Karthspiri community; relocated to high-quality housing by our Government to protect them from KNLA agents as well as the traditional collection of diseases and barbaric practices which plague their tribal communities.

In response to these protests, the Government is reportedly considering a tightening of the laws which protect clergy members from prosecution regarding anything said on holy ground or during a sermon; allowing them to return order to the nation's streets.

Trankvilan agent of terror arrested
Descariln is, in many ways, the Western gateway to Karthspire; the first city many travellers by horse, foot or car will lay their eyes on when entering our country. Unfortunately for many, strict border controls implemented to protect the Karthspiri people from foreign agents following our nation's independence means that few will see past the walls which protect our nation; let alone lay their eyes upon our cities - newly raised from the fiery embers of the great war.

For a Trankvilan national, arriving at the border this morning, border agents quickly realised his true identity; showing him only the back of a Karthspiri police van and the walls of Descariln city prison. National authorities are sure in the prisoner's identity as a terror suspect involved in a bomb plot in the Trankvilan capital several months prior to writing.

NJF agents have reportedly taken control of the case and currently have the suspect under interrogation with no intention of extradition without prior approval from Terai himself; mostly due to the lack of any formal extradition treaty between the two nations.

Terror attacks kill 50, injure 117
The death count from the conflicts in the country's west continue to climb. Last week, 15 soldiers and 7 civilians were killed in a car-bomb blast in the city of Descarlin in the Beshklarel (Bessarabia) State targeting a military checkpoint in the city; around 50 more were injured by the attack.

In Karpatrije State, 21 soldiers and 7 civilians were killed with 67 more injured in various clashed between KNLA rebels and Karthspiri National Armed Forces soldiers.

With the death toll expected to continue to grow further in coming months, we can only pray that our hopes for peace and our resolve to fight on grow faster.

Other News:
- First train makes cross-country trip
- Construction of country's first Nuclear plant to begin 'within months' in 'one of the southern states'
- Preliminary plans regarding Church split to be proposed in September

Exterior Bulletins
- Tibetan Communist insurrection worsens
- Ephyral are still evil