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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

Selected headlines from Summer 1951

Mysterious Man Arrested for Claiming End of the World in 2024

    A yet-unidentified man ran through the streets of Kaulong with a megaphone claiming to be a time traveller from a far-off land called "Komminland." When asked to stop by the Hong Kong City police, he refused and reiterated his prophetic vision of the end times 73 years from now. He has since been arrested and placed in jail, where he insists that his name is Argus and that he traveled here to warn of the world ending in 2024. Police are trying to ascertain his true identity to no avail. Members of the public are asked to come forward with any information leading to the identification of Argus, and police say they can give "maybe a couple of yun for your time, maybe ten if it's really helpful."

Universal Healthcare Issue Continues to Stall in Civil Advisory

    Almost a year has passed and the Civil Advisory still can't agree on how to handle the universal healthcare issue. When it was originally brought up in the Imperial Court, everyone agreed they wanted universal healthcare but the Advisory's circuit Prefects couldn't agree with the Civil Directors on how to deal with the budget. When the Imperial Court said they were drafting "a better health plan" last year, details were unclear but everyone assumed it would be out sometime soon.

    3rd Prefect of Wannam, Kwan Long Tsin, reportedly stormed out of the Imperial Court claiming that the Civil Directorate was working behind the backs of the circuit Prefects and were stealing out of his circuit's treasury. Supposedly, the Civil Directorate is scheming to set up a universal healthcare program of their own design using the funds of the circuits, and when it was already in place nobody but the Prefects would complain and everyone would just let it keep going. The Civil Directorate retaliated, saying that Prefect Kwan was lying to turn the public against the Civil Directorate and that the Board of Prefects are "useless and uncooperative" in actually making the healthcare plan they had promised together.

    An investigation on the allegations made in the Imperial Court has started, and the Emperor states that disciplinary actions are pending investigation results.

Season Premiere of Judge Baau Captivates Audiences

    The season premiere of Judge Baau on TV network NCB has enraptured audiences across the country. Based on the works of various Gung'on fiction authors, Judge Baau, played by actor Chan Tsiu Wan, breaks down and unravels the mysterious cases brought to his courtroom. In the first episode, circuit official Chan Tiu Kik is arrested for the murder of four wealthy merchants, but none can answer the crucial question: how? All different MOs, all apparently murdered simultaneously at different places, none other than Judge Baau can unravel the secrets surrounding the case.

    Critics rated the first episode quite highly, saying it's a spiritual adaptation of beloved Gung'on tales with new twists for the TV format. Many who did not own a TV before are considering going out and buying one.