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August 10, 1951


Foreigner Dies
A Western resident on holiday was shot by communist insurgents yesterday when trying to leave the occupied zone. The foreigner was 20 year old Valerius Etacon. The young man was a university student backpacking across Asia with some friends. The young man's friends were wounded but survived the ordeal when soldiers from the army chased the communists away. Despite the best efforts of doctors at Lhasa Hospital, the man succumbed to his injuries. The body of the man wil be sent back to Ephyral in a matter of days via airplane.

Lamas Host Kalachakra Offering
The Kalachakra Offering Ritual was held in Lhasa last week and was presided over by His Holiness. Lamas from across Tibet and some foreign dignitaries were in attendance for the yearly offering ritual. The Kalachakra is a massive ritual where the events of the world are seen as inner psychological changes. This year the Civil War was seen as the inner strife within us all.

His Holiness Turns 16
His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyaltso turned 16 years old today. HH held a small dinner with his family, close friends and some members of his cabinet including the Venerable 10th Panchen Lama and the Venerable 33rd Kyabje Gyalwa. These three leaders are considered possibly the youngest with the Dalai Lama at 16, Panchen Lama at 13 and the Kyabje Gyalwa at 22. The nation celebrated his birthday with prayers for a long life. We here at Tibet News wish His Holiness a long and happy life.


Dissidence in Karthspirije
Massive insurrections have spread across the land of Karthspirije to the point where the government is cracking down. The KNLA is alleged to be starting the insurrections. The Orthodox Church has also been involved in the protests through giving sermons.