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Various Cerman News Outlets - 15 August, 1951

Cerma Launches Artificial Moon

Top Hill, Wednesday, Aug. 15 -- The Cerman Department of State announced this morning that it successfully launched a man-made earth satellite into space yesterday. The Cerman Central Aeronautics and Space Agency stated the satellite's orbit was at a maximum of 560 miles above the earth and its speed at 18,000 miles an hour. According to CASA officials the artificial moon, with a diameter of twenty inches and a weight of 201 pounds, was circling the earth once every hour and thirty-five minutes. This means more than fifteen times a day. Two radio transmitters, CASA said, are sending signals continuously on frequencies of 20.005 and 40.002 megacycles. These signals were said to be strong enough to be picked up by amateur radio operators. The trajectory of the satellite is being tracked by numerous scientific stations across ATCO.

"For several years the research and experimental designing work has been under way in Cerma to create artificial satellites of the earth." Said Chief Public Officer John Clayton of CASA, "As a result of intensive work by the research institutes and talented employees here at CASA, we are proud to announce this artificial earth-world satellite has now been created."

The announcement said that as a result of the tremendous speed at which the satellite was moving it would burn up as soon as it reached the denser layers of the atmosphere. Clayton gave no indication how soon that would be.