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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

The Empire Report


Regino leaves for Karthspirije
Following the arrest of one of the individuals responsible for the attack against the Trankvilan capital, the Regino has gone towards Karthspirije & her overlord Germany to negotiate a plan to bring him home for justice against the Empire

New Animated Film Hits Record Box Office Success
The Empire recently saw the release of a new hit movie "The Tales of the Wolves" following the dramatic telling of the famous novel series of the name written by acclaimed writer Luis Gonzalez about the founding of a nation populated entirely by animals and a struggle against humans. It has been praised by critics and has soared to number one, with even Regino Mary praising the film along with getting her own copy of the film in advance


Cerman Artificial Moon
The Cerman Central Aeronautics and Space Agency (CASA) has reported of launching their own satellite into orbit. Chief Public Officer John Clayton had this to say
"For several years the research and experimental designing work has been under way in Cerma to create artificial satellites of the earth. As a result of intensive work by the research institutes and talented employees here at CASA, we are proud to announce this artificial earth-world satellite has now been created."

Western Tourist Dies in Tibet
An Ephyra citizen was shot to death by Communists in the occupied zone along with his traveling companions following tension between Communists and the Tibetan state. As a result the Regino has ordered all citizens return to Trankvila from Tibet

Universal Healthcare Bill Stalls in Namjyut
Conflict in the nation of Namjyut as the issue of universal healthcare again hits a brick wall following disagreements with how to proceed in the nation