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1952 - FEBRUARY - 15


    After a fourth body was discovered in the south of Old Ephyra today, the investigaiton of the crimes has been elevated from local to provincial control, with the Selia Province Police Command taking authority. The move comes following the discovery of the body of a freeborn woman of citizen background four days ago, since identified as Maelella Gelonia Astaros. Astaros, aged 28 at the time of her death, has been confirmed to have been working as a prostitute having registered with local authorities three years ago. The circumstances leading to her doing so are not yet known, but Astaros' profession of choice is what she shares in common with three other murder victims in the last few weeks.

    Nuha Salib, Lynara Kosteres, and Helaekalia Nymeris, aged 24, 32, and 27 respectively, were found dead in alleyways adjacent to the streets they are believed to have been selling their bodies on. Astaros, the first citizen-born victim of these murders, was discovered in a similar fashion to the other victims, stripped and with severe abdominal wounds believed to be the cause of death. local Ephyral police made three arrests, but all suspects were released as Nymeris, 27, was found dead whilst all three suspects had been in custody.

    Before authority of the case was passed up, a spokesman for the local Ephyral police addressed the murders publicly, stating "it is our belief that these killings are motivated by the obscene profession of these women - a campaign of cleaning. However, murders such as these cannot be permitted to continue, as they present a clear danger to all residents of our city, and to our social trust and order. All lines of investigation are being pursued to bring this murderer to halt."

    Currently, no witnesses have come forward with information about the killings.